Fast-drying Mortar

At present, "Blue Star Corundum" has developed "interface agent (primer, wall fixing, wallpaper base film)", "waterproof coating (elasticity, flexibility, rigidity)", "internal and external wall putty", "leveling plaster" , "Lightweight gypsum", "Fast-drying tile adhesive", "Tile adhesive", "Tile beauty joint agent", "Fast-drying mortar", "Self-leveling cement" and other specialized products that adapt to different functions and different user groups , the next step will further utilize the research methods and development methods formed by the company's historical accumulation and cutting-edge technology to provide consumers with more, better and more user-friendly new products, in order to achieve the goal of "climbing the top of the world and creating a century-old brand" Target.

Fast-drying Mortar (bottom/surface)
Blue Star Corundum's "Fast-drying mortar" adopts Blue Star Corundum's unique ultra-fast curing polymer cement technology, fast curing, fast water resistance, consistent hardening inside and outside, good weather resistance, and bonding strength several times higher than the national standard, preventing the wall Empty, cracked. It is easy to construct by leveling, scraping, and raising the yin and yang angles.

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