Self-leveling Cement

Self-leveling Cement

Blue Star Corundum self-leveling cement mortar adopts Blue Star Corundum's unique low-alkali quick-drying polymerized cement technology, which is easy to construct, has good leveling, high strength, and fast curing speed. Surface hardening in 3 hours and complete hardening in 5 hours
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Blue Star Corundum self-leveling cement mortar product instruction manual


Product Introduction

Blue Star Corundum self-leveling cement mortar adopts Blue Star Corundum's unique low-alkali quick-drying polymerized cement technology, which is easy to construct, has good leveling, high strength, and fast curing speed. Surface hardening in 3 hours, complete hardening in 5 hours, 24~ Floor installation and construction can be carried out within 48 hours (depending on the thickness of the construction, the environment, the temperature and humidity of the ground, etc.). Cushion self-leveling: used for rapid leveling of various indoor base surfaces, after construction, a smooth and flat high-strength surface can be formed, and various floor materials can be directly paved on it; surface self-leveling: the product can be colored as a whole, resistant to Excellent grinding performance, the surface can be polished. It is suitable for residential, commercial, storage, production workshops and other occasions. It can be constructed by hand and pump, and the thickness of a single construction is 3-50mm. Good environmental performance, antibacterial and mildew proof, green and environmental protection, no harmful substances such as formaldehyde, VOC, and heavy metals have been detected or nearly undetected.


Construction Method

§ The basic level inspection shall be carried out according to the current national standard GB 50209 "Code for Acceptance and Acceptance of Construction Quality of Building Ground Engineering", and the construction can only be carried out after the acceptance is qualified;

§ Deal with hollows and cracks, thoroughly remove the loose base layer, clean up oil stains and algal growth layer, remove floating sand and floating ash, wash out the salting out and pan-alkali with 5%-10% dilute oxalic acid, and roll brush after drying Blue Star Corundum "ground solid" 2-3 times to ensure complete reinforcement and sealing of the base. If there may be damp and water seepage bases, the Bluestar Corundum "Waterproof Elastic Interface Agent" should be applied, and then the Bluestar Corundum "Elastic Waterproof Coating" should be filled and sealed. For the specific operation method, please refer to the relevant product instruction manual and the "Bluestar Steel Jade Base Surface System Construction Guide".

§ Leveling the base layer: The ground with a curve deviation of more than 4mm within 2m should be leveled with Blue Star Corundum "quick-drying mortar". For the specific operation method, please refer to the "Blue Star Corundum "quick-drying mortar" product instruction manual".

§ Area division and horizontal marking: When the construction area spans a large area or the construction area is irregular, according to the construction operation conditions, refer to the construction capacity of the pumping machinery, and combine the construction of the building to carry out the construction in different areas. Divide it with an ink fountain line (the dividing line should generally be set in the middle of the column), and then stick the foam tape on the ink line. Use a ground leveling instrument to measure the ground flatness, measure the height difference, mark the drop, and mark the expansion joint of the original base.

§ Boundary sealing: Use foam tape to seal up steps, doorways, drains, boundaries, column edges and other parts. Before construction, carefully check the edges and corners to ensure that the parts that may leak have been strictly sealed. A wide sponge strip is pasted at the deformation seam, and the back of the sponge strip can be reinforced with wood or square steel to prevent dislocation.

§ Preparation of self-leveling mortar: self-leveling dry powder: water = 1:0.25, increase or decrease the amount of water appropriately according to the climate and floor conditions, the slurry that is stirred for the first time needs to be tested for leveling and no segregation before continuous stirring; Once the water is added and stirred evenly, it should be used up within 1 hour; mixing by hand is strictly prohibited.

Manual mixing: fully mix with a portable electric mixer (it can be processed with an electric impact drill, a stirring rod and a stirring blade), add four-fifths of the required water into the mixing bucket, and then slowly add the self-leveling dry powder in proportion, while adding Stir, according to the dryness of the stirring process, gradually add the remaining one-fifth of the water, and continue to stir until it is completely uniform; let it stand for 5 minutes, and then stir for 2 minutes before use; during the stirring process, scrape at least the bottom and sides of the barrel for 3 Second-rate.

Automatic mixing: Generally, automatic mixing and pumping are adopted by the mixing pump. The materials for pumping construction should be transported into the construction area in advance; the area of ​​the mixing pump must be protected on the ground; The pressure must meet the requirements of the mixing pump; test the equipment to confirm whether it is suitable for the stirring and pumping of the material characteristics of self-leveling mortar, and operate in strict accordance with the equipment instructions and related operating procedures.

§ Self-leveling construction (the thickness of the self-leveling layer must be above the design standard thickness in order to obtain the corresponding performance)

Manual pouring construction: manual construction of cement self-leveling must be carried out continuously, and any cross construction is prohibited within 24 hours. ) or special tooth scraper (when the base layer is relatively flat) to spread evenly, and at the same time let the construction workers wearing spiked shoes hold the defoaming roller to defoaming the self-leveling. The construction of self-leveling is to retreat back while construction, pay attention to the height difference between each barrel of self-leveling cement.

Pumping construction: In the initial stage of cement self-leveling pumping, a large plastic bucket must be used to take out the water that wets the pump pipe. After the self-leveling cement mortar flows out, move the pump pipe to one end of the working surface, from left to right, from inside to outside The level should be moved slowly and evenly, and it is strictly forbidden to pump too much slurry locally, which will affect the final leveling effect. Spread the slurry evenly, and use a tooth scraper to assist in leveling. After the self-leveling mortar flows out in a wide range of about 0.5m, the operator who holds a long toothed scraper and wears spiked shoes gently spreads and assists the leveling on the surface of the self-leveling mortar. After the self-leveling mortar flows out in a wide range of about 1m, the operator who holds a long pole defoaming roller and wears nails and shoes gently defoams the surface of the self-leveling mortar.


Technical Performance

Better than: "Cement-based self-leveling mortar for ground" standard (JC/T 985-2017 C16F4)

"Limits of Hazardous Substances in Building Wall Coatings" (GB18582-2020)

Class A Standard of "Limits of Radionuclides in Building Materials" (GB6566-2010)



§ In the indoor environment where the construction temperature is 5-32°C, it is forbidden to mix with other cement or additives. .

§ The packaging bag is very easy to leak, so it should be handled with care, strictly prevent the squeeze hook, and strictly prevent moisture. When the packaging bag is opened or damaged, it should be sealed immediately.

§ See the product qualification certificate for the shelf life. After the shelf life, the product can still be used as long as it is not damp or clumped.

§ This product should be stored in a cool and dry environment with a temperature of 5-25°C, without direct sunlight. This product is shipped as non-hazardous.

§ Due to differences in use environment, construction habits, and grassroots conditions, the performance may not conform to the design. Please reconfirm the product quality before use, conduct necessary application tests, and use the supporting products of Blue Star Corundum Base System. In the case that the product itself complies with the relevant quality standards, the difference in performance after construction and the quality and safety problems caused by the mismatch of the product system do not belong to the scope of quality assurance of this product.

The right of product explanation belongs to the Technical Department of Sichuan Jinjiang Industrial Co., Ltd.

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