Zhu Ren Elastic Joint Paste (2K)

Zhu Ren Elastic Joint Paste (2K)

Product Detail
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Product Overview

Blue Star Corundum "Zhu Ren" elastic joint paste, through the mixing of component B (powder) and component A (compound liquid), chemical reaction and biological activity reaction occur, forming a water and alkali resistant elastic body with Very high adhesion , Like bamboo with perfect strength, flexibility and toughness. It can be embedded in the gaps to bond the gaps, also be plastered on the wall to cover irregular cracks, so as to adapt to the expansion and contraction of cracks and form a stable anti-crack system. Pure water-based products, no harmful substances have been detected or the detected content is equivalent to no such harmful substances, which are healthy and friendly to the environment. Theoretical consumption: 1 bucket (8kg) of two-component "Zhu Ren" elastic joint paste can bond the gap between gypsum boards with a length of 68 meters (the width of the gap is 5mm, and the depth is 10mm), or bond the gap between silicon-calcium boards with a length of the gap is 80 meters (the width of the gap is 5mm, the depth is 8mm), or the wall surface of 4.3 square meters can be plastered (wet coating thickness 1mm).

Paste Making

§ Before mixing "Zhu Ren" elastic joint paste, clean the mixing bucket. There should be no other glue, paint and any pollutants in the bucket, so as to prevent the product performance and construction quality from being affected by chemical reactions or mixed with various impurities. Prepare clean construction tools such as mixing buckets, portable mixers, edge scrapers, brushes, and trowels.

§ Pour component A (compound liquid) into the mixing bucket first, then slowly pour component B (powder) into the liquid, stir while pouring, and use the scraper to scrape off the mixture attached to the inner wall of the bucket , and then fully stir it into a paste without particles and precipitation (do not add water).

§ Stir for about 5-10 minutes. After stirring evenly, it cannot stand in the air for a long time and must be used up within 1 hour. If the stirred paste is not used up and stopped, the mouth of the barrel must be temporarily sealed to prevent the surface from drying out and forming a film. If the paste becomes dry but does not form a film during use, it can be used after stirring again to make the paste lubricated.

Work Procedure

§ Remove all paint and putty on the gap until the board joints or cement mortar cracks are completely exposed.

§ Clean up the gap, make sure that the inside and side of the gap are clean and dry, free of loose objects and dust.

§ Process the splicing joints of gypsum boards, wood boards, etc. and cement mortar cracks into wedge shapes, and then use a small brush to dip in Blue Star Corundum "Waterproof Elastic Primer" (diluted with water 1:1) to brush through all surfaces in the wedge-shaped gaps and the surface with a width of more than 50mm on both sides of the gap.

§ Embed "Zhu Ren" elastic joint paste in the gap after the primer is completely dry. After the gap is filled, take the original crack as the center line, and then apply "Zhu Ren" elastic joint paste to the surface of the gap and to the surface with a width of 50mm on both sides of the gap, Form a "seam paste tape" 100mm wide and 2mm thick. If it is a gap with a large range of expansion and contraction, paste the paper joint tape when the joint paste is wet, then apply the joint paste to the surface of the paper tape, and smooth the surface. Use the step-down plastering method (see Figure 1), after the first layer of joint paste is completely dry, apply the second layer of joint paste, which is wider than the first layer and thicker than 1.5mm; the second layer of joint paste is completely dry, apply the third layer of joint paste, which is wider than the second layer and thicker than 1.5mm.

§ If the gap to be filled is wide and deep, there will be shrinkage and depression after the joint paste dries out, and it needs to be applied for the second or third time until it is smooth.

§ If it is used to prevent cracking or repair tiny cracks, first apply Blue Star Corundum "Waterproof Elastic Primer" (diluted with water 1:1) and dry thoroughly, then apply "Zhu Ren" elastic joint paste to the wall. When plastering, first apply it thinly as the bottom layer, and then apply it thickly to make the wall smooth. Be careful not to push and pull it repeatedly with the trowel after it has been smoothed.

§ Do not touch the applied "Zhu Ren" elastic joint paste before it solidifies, let it stand for 3-5 hours to start the surface to dry, and it will completely solidify within 48 hours. When the thickness of the plaster increases, the temperature decreases or the ventilation is poor, the setting time will be prolonged to varying degrees (especially in winter).

§ "Zhu Ren" elastic joint paste must be completely dry before proceeding to the next working procedure.

Technical Performance

Better than "Putty For Exterior Wall" Exterior wall elastic putty standard (JG/T 157-2009) The measured values of the main crack resistance indicators are as follows:

Dynamic cracking resistance: base crack >0.8mm (industry standard elastic putty >0.3mm), no cracking

Putty film flexibility: 20mm diameter without cracks (industry standard elastic putty is 50mm)

Bending resistance: Can be bent repeatedly at 90 degrees without cracking (industry standards do not have this indicator)

Better than "Limits of Hazardous Substances in Building Wall Coatings" (GB18582-2020)

Class A Standard of "Limits of Radionuclides in Building Materials" (GB6566-2010)


§ The construction temperature is above 5°C.

§ The construction surface should be firm and dry, and Protect from rain and fog until completely hardened.

§ After the package is opened, it should be used up as soon as possible, and the remaining material should not be exposed to the air. It must be sealed and stored immediately when it is stopped.

§ Construction tools should be cleaned immediately after use, so as not to increase the difficulty of cleaning after the product is cured.

§ Pay attention to handling with care when shipping and using, avoid being squeezed and hooked.

§ If you find that the product has peculiar smell, discoloration, mildew, or construction obstacles or any abnormality, you should stop using it and call the hotline 400-660-0005 immediately!

§ The storage time can be found on the product certificate. After the storage period, the product can still be used as long as it has no peculiar smell and can spread freely.

§ This product is shipped as non-hazardous. Store in an environment with a temperature of 5-25°C, a humidity of 50-60%RH, and no direct sunlight.

§ This product can be used together with other Blue Star Corundum products, please refer to our company's related product instruction manual (website product display column) and "Bluestar corundum base surface system product portfolio" (website technical support column).

§ Due to differences in use environment, construction habits, and grassroots conditions, may result in performance inconsistency with factory design. Please reconfirm the quality of the product before use, and conduct necessary application tests. It is not recommended to use it with other manufacturers' base surface treatment products. In the case that the product itself complies with the relevant quality standards, the difference in performance after construction and the quality and safety problems caused by the mismatch of the product system do not belong to the scope of quality assurance of this product.

                                                  The product interpretation right belongs to the Technical Department of Sichuan Jinjiang Industrial Co., Ltd.

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