"CB-1" Interior Wall Putty Paste

"CB-1" Interior Wall Putty Paste

Blue Star Corundum "CB-1" interior wall putty paste is a classic product that has experienced 20 years of wind and rain. It is made of "high-strength environmentally friendly vegetable glue" developed by biological engineering technology and white marble powder and other fillers
Putty Paste
Product Detail
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Product Introduction

Blue Star Corundum "CB-1" interior wall putty paste is a classic product that has experienced wind and rain for 20 years. The "high-strength environmental protection vegetable glue" developed by bioengineering technology and white marble powder and other fillers are finely prepared. It is strongly attached to the base layer and has high strength. , Dense texture, white and delicate, good compatibility with paint film, can significantly improve the quality of topcoat and construction effect. No harmful substances have been detected or nearly undetected; the pH value is neutral, mild and non-corrosive, and can effectively inhibit wall problems such as efflorescence, discoloration, salting out, shelling, falling off, and chalking. Compared with similar products, it has smooth construction, good ductility, low putty consumption, and saves more than 30% of latex paint; it can replace mid-grade latex paint as a cheap and high-quality interior wall decorative coating; it is a standard finished putty and can be used out of the box , without stirring or adding other materials.


Construction Method

§ Check the wall, deal with hollows and cracks, and thoroughly remove the loose base layer and the old coating that is damaged, powdered, and peeled (slightly loose powdered powder may not be removed, and the Blue Star Corundum "interface agent" can be directly brushed on it) , Clean up old wallpaper, oil stains, algae growth layer, etc., remove floating ash, wash out salting and pan-alkali with 5%-10% dilute oxalic acid, and then roll and brush Bluestar steel jade "interface agent" after drying. Reinforce the base layer flexibly, inhibit the salting-out effect of pan-alkali, or brush the "waterproof elastic interface agent" of blue star corundum to prevent the base layer from cracking and water seepage. Even if it is not the old coating, as long as it is not the base layer made of Blue Star Corundum products, it must be rolled and applied with the "interface agent" of Bluestar corundum. There may be wet and water-seeping base layers, and after brushing the "waterproof elastic interface agent" of Bluestar Corundum, the whole batch of "elastic waterproof paint" of Bluestar Corundum is sealed. For the specific operation method, please refer to the relevant product instruction manual and the "Blue Star Corundum Base Surface System Construction Guide".

§ Open the package, put the putty in the ash bucket, pick it up with an ash knife and place it on the scraper or mud palm, and it can be scraped back and forth.

§ This product is a normal phenomenon due to the use of natural fillers, such as putty with slight color difference and fine particles, and does not affect construction and other properties.

§ High solid content but good thixotropic performance, the mud palm can be wiped on the wall once or twice to make the putty fully wet and penetrate into the base layer, resulting in firm adhesion; if you encounter dry materials, use your feet Push a few times outside the inner packaging bag, or stir with a trowel to clear it, and you can scrape it freely.

§ After the package is opened, it should be used up as soon as possible. The remaining materials should not be exposed to the air and must be sealed and stored.

§ The thickness of one batch of scraping is not more than 1mm, and the leveling and yin-yang angle of the wall curve deviation greater than 2mm should be leveled and the yin and yang angles should be leveled with Bluestar steel jade "filling king interior wall leveling putty powder" or "leveling plaster" (high requirements for anti-mildew and water resistance, Or more than 20mm thick fill with blue star corundum "quick-drying mortar") leveling. Do not use gypsum powder, talcum powder and other glues to treat the wall. After the wall is completely smoothed and the yin and yang angles are straightened, the blue star corundum "CB-1" interior wall putty paste can be scraped.

§ After the last putty is dry, the next batch can be scraped. The number of batches varies depending on the flatness of the wall, generally 2-3 times. After the putty has dried, it must be painted within a week. Before painting, roll 1-2 times of Blue Star Corundum "interface agent" (that is, non-filler permeable primer), which plays a role of sealing and anti-alkali, relieves pan-alkali salting and base cracking, and prevents surfaces such as latex paint and wallpaper. Decorative material discolored.

§ The last pass can be added with two additional polishing, which can obtain a better sealing effect. It can also be used as a porcelain surface coating without painting.


Technical Performance

Better than "Building Putty" standard (Q/20696794-6.01-2023) for interior wall S grade

"Limits of Hazardous Substances in Building Wall Coatings" (GB18582-2020)

Class A Standard of "Limits of Radionuclides in Building Materials" (GB6566-2010)



§ The construction temperature is above 5°C.

§ Pay attention to closing doors and windows during and after construction to prevent rain and fog erosion.

§ In order to reduce potential safety hazards, the total thickness of scraping and patching with putty on the top of the construction cannot exceed 1 cm!

§ The packaging bag is very easy to leak, so it should be handled with care, and the hook should be prevented from being squeezed. The inner packaging bag should be used up immediately if it is opened or damaged. If you find that the product has peculiar smell, discoloration, or mildew, you must stop using it.

§ If there are construction obstacles or the putty is found to be loose and powdery, construction should be stopped. If you find any abnormality, call the 400-660-0005 hotline immediately!

§ See the product qualification certificate for the shelf life. If the shelf life is exceeded, as long as the product has no peculiar smell and can be scratched freely, it can still be used.

§ This product is shipped as non-hazardous. Store in an environment with a temperature of 5-25°C, a humidity of 50-60%RH, and no direct sunlight.

§ For the details of this manual, please refer to our company's "Bluestar Corundum Putty Product Instruction Manual".

§ Due to differences in use environment, construction habits, and grassroots conditions, the performance may not conform to the design. Please reconfirm the product quality before use, conduct necessary application tests, and use the supporting products of Bluestar Corundum Base System. In the case that the product itself complies with the relevant quality standards, the difference in performance after construction and the quality and safety problems caused by the mismatch of the product system do not belong to the scope of quality assurance of this product.


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