Elastic Waterproof Coating

Elastic Waterproof Coating

Blue Star Corundum elastic waterproof coating is a high polymer two-component cement-based elastic waterproof coating modified by biological active substances. The powder is mixed with the composite liquid and undergoes chemical and biological reactions.
Product Detail
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Blue Star Corundum elastic waterproof coating product instruction manual


Product Introduction

Blue Star Corundum elastic waterproof coating is a kind of high polymer two-component cement-based elastic waterproof coating modified by biological active substances. The powder is mixed with the compound liquid, chemical reaction and biological activity reaction occur, and it can penetrate into concrete and other bases. The micropores and gaps on the surface form a tight and firm permanent combination and become a tough and crack-resistant elastic waterproof membrane. Simultaneously simulate the selective permeability and self-repair function of biofilms, and prevent water while ensuring breathability. , chloride ions and other corrosive substances damage the concrete structure and steel bars, absorb and prevent the release of harmful substances to the human body, prevent weathering and damage caused by ultraviolet rays, and the fine incisions can heal automatically.


Scope of Application

Indoor and outdoor building structures that may experience vibration, displacement, deformation, and cracks, such as prefabricated structures, underground parking lots, tunnels, bridges, roads, pools, swimming pools, pipes, roofs, roofs, interior and exterior walls, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, Crack resistance and waterproofing of the base surface and joints or expansion joints of various thermal insulation systems, etc., directly scrape or paint on the tiles for renovation of old tile walls. The long-standing problems such as cracking, layering, efflorescence, discoloration, and salting out of the decorative layer can also be cured.


Base Surface Treatment

The base layer must be firm, clean, flat, free of dust, oil, shedding and other debris, and the sharp protrusions and non-cement mortar layer should be removed. Before construction in dry and high temperature weather, wet the base surface with clean water until there is no clear water. The loose base layer is rolled and brushed several times with Bluestar corundum "waterproof elastic interface agent" until it is hard and does not lose sand. The old waterproof ointment coating should also be scraped with "Blue Star Corundum Quick-drying Mortar" before construction. For the specific operation method, please refer to the relevant product instruction manual and "Blue Star Corundum Base Surface System Construction Guide". The ground or wall with high backwater pressure (such as the basement or culvert with water seepage) must be poured with cement mortar or reinforced concrete mortar on the Blue Star Corundum elastic waterproof coating, and then a layer of Bluestar Gangyu elastic waterproof coating must be applied after curing. .



§ Before stirring the elastic waterproof coating, clean the mixing bucket, and there should be no other glue, paint and any pollutants in the bucket, so as to avoid chemical reaction or mixing of various impurities to affect the construction effect and product quality. Prepare construction tools such as mixing buckets, portable mixers, scrapers, brushes, and mud palms.

§ First pour the A component (composite liquid) into the mixing bucket, then slowly pour the B component (powder) into the liquid, stir while pouring, and use the scraper to remove the unstirred parts at the bottom of the bucket. After scraping off the material, fully stir it to a paste-like slurry without particles and precipitation (the slurry is not dry, and it is forbidden to add water). If the slurry appears dry, measure 5% of the water of component A (composite solution), pour it into the inner film bag containing component A, rinse the residual composite solution in the bag, and pour it into the mixing bucket together Stir well.

§ Stir for about 5-10 minutes. It is forbidden to add water during the stirring process, otherwise it will seriously affect the product quality and curing time. After stirring evenly, it cannot be left standing in the air for a long time and must be used up within 1 hour. When using the gap, temporary sealing measures should be adopted at the mouth of the barrel to prevent the surface from drying and forming a film.

§ Must use batch scraping method for construction. First find out the cracks or places that are prone to water leakage, soak the inside of the gap with "Blue Star Corundum Elastic Penetrating Waterproof Agent", then fill the cracks with micro-clearing slurry without adding water, pour it first and then scrape it in batches to make the width of the joint belt >100mm, dry film thickness >2mm, the crack is in the middle (cracks with strong expansion and contraction should be constructed by retreating, the second layer is wider than the first layer, and the thickness of each layer is >1.5mm, and more than three layers are scraped). Then, infiltrate the primer in a small area according to the climate. The primer should be repeatedly rolled to make the elastic waterproof coating fully penetrate and contact the base layer. Then, the first layer should be scraped while wet, and then the construction scope should be gradually expanded in the same way. Avoid scraping during construction, and pay attention to flattening the surface while scraping. At least batch scraping 2-3 layers, the batch scraping direction of each layer is preferably perpendicular to each other. In addition to the primer, after finishing one layer, you must wait for it to be completely cured and dry, and then do the second layer, and the dry film thickness after construction is more than 2mm.

§ The parts and inner corners that cannot be scraped can be constructed by brushing, which is the same as the scraping method, and the brush cannot be wet. Use the brushing method to construct the slurry of the inner corner, and it can be properly counted. When stirring, add component A (composite liquid) first, and then add component B (powder) appropriately, so as to stir until it is clear paste, easy to paint, and thick enough to brush.


Technical performance

Better than "Polymer Cement Waterproof Coatings" (GB/T 23445-2009) Type I Standard

"Limits of Hazardous Substances in Building Wall Coatings" (GB18582-2020)

Class A Standard of "Limits of Radionuclides in Building Materials" (GB 6566-2010)


Technical Parameter

Impermeability (0.3MPa≥30min): Impermeable to alkali resistance (168 hours saturated Ca(OH)2): no change in coating

Adhesive strength > 0.5MPa Heat resistance (bake at 80℃ for 168 hours): no change in coating

Low temperature flexibility (-10°C 10mm round bar bending): no cracks Tensile strength > 1.2MPa

UV resistance (ultraviolet light 168h): no change in coating, elongation at break > 200%



§ It should be constructed in the environment of 5°C ~ 45°C, and pay attention to waterproof and rainproof during construction. Within 3 to 4 days after construction, protective measures should be taken, people should not walk or touch it, avoid rain, exposure to the sun, and avoid freezing, and the maintenance should not be less than 15 days after completion.

§ The elastic waterproof coating produced by stirring should be in the form of a slightly clear slurry and should not be too dry; tools and equipment should be washed with water in time after use to avoid sticking.

§ Strictly prevent moisture, the bag should be sealed immediately after opening or in case of damage.

§ If you find that the packaging is damaged, the powder is agglomerated, the compound liquid is deteriorated or other questions are found, you should stop using it and contact our company immediately.

§ The shelf life of unopened products is shown in the product certificate. After the shelf life, as long as the powder is not damp and agglomerated, and the compound liquid is not deteriorated, it can still be used.

§ This product should be stored in a cool and dry environment with a temperature of 5-25°C, without direct sunlight. This product is shipped as non-hazardous.

The right of product explanation belongs to the Technical Department of Sichuan Jinjiang Industrial Co., Ltd.

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