Concentrated primer for surface reinforcement

Concentrated primer for surface reinforcement

Product Detail
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"Concentrated primer for surface reinforcement"  product instruction manual


Product Introduction

Blue Star Corundum "Concentrated primer for surface reinforcemen” is a multi-functional flexible wall reinforcement compounded by our company using unique biotechnology with organic silicon, vegetable glue and other active ingredients. lt is a concentrated product of "Enhanced primer for surface reinforcement" The concentrated product of the agent has excellent surface film-forming effect and flexibility, and at the same time can make the surface hardened and hardened. The pH value is neutral, there is no irritating taste, and no harmful substances are detected or nearly undetected. Small package, easy to carry. It is an essential material for necessary pretreatment of cement mortar and putty base surface before scraping putty or painting.


Product Usage

§ Interface treatment: Reinforce the surface of the base layer of the wall, form a film efficiently, and significantly improve the looseness, powder or sand removal of the wall.

§ Substitute primer: water and alkali resistance, anti-salting, prevention of latex paint discoloration, unique combined sealing and alkali resistance effect of rapid penetration and diffusion and high-strength curing film formation.

§ Flexible transformation and reinforcement of the base layer: to a certain extent, it can resist the cracking of the base layer and prevent the cracking of the surface layer putty.

§ As a wallpaper base film, moisture-proof, mildew-resistant, alkali-resistant, easy to refurbish wallpaper.

§ Universal for exterior walls, regardless of interface treatment, reinforcement of the base layer, or as a primer.


Grassroots Processing

§ Thoroughly remove the old coating that is seriously loose and loose powder, desand base layer and peeling and damaged.

§ The surface of the base layer should be smooth, firm, free of cracks and dry. If there are cracks, please repair in advance.

§ The substrate should be clean, clean, and free from dust, oil, or other contaminants that could lead to isolation.

§ In case of high temperature and fast drying base surface, you can add 3 times of water to dilute this product and then wet it, but avoid hanging and flowing of open water.


Dosage and configuration

§ The efficacy of 10 kg of "surface-solid concentrated" Primer is equivalent to 40 kg of "surface-solid type" Primer.

§ Dilute with 3 times (1 times of primer and flexible function) water. Due to the difference of different base layers, after dilution, try a small amount before determining the optimal dilution ratio and number of brushing times.


Construction Method

§ If the base layer is not loose, dilute the rolling brush once in proportion to cure the film to improve the slight powder removal. If you want to improve the flexibility and crack resistance, you should roll the brush more than 2-3 times.

§ When dealing with loose base layers or projects with high requirements for base layers, firstly use this product diluted 3 times to roll and brush 2-3 times. After the loose base layers are thoroughly anchored, brush the product diluted 1 times more to make the base surface solidified. film.

§ After rolling and brushing the Primer, the next process (scraping putty, painting or wallpapering, etc.) can only be carried out when the wall surface is completely dry and solidified, and there is no powder drop or softening phenomenon at all.

§ The Primer should be stirred first or diluted in proportion and mixed evenly before construction. It is normal for the colloid to thicken slightly in winter. After full stirring, the construction will not affect the performance of the product.

§ Walls that have been rolled over the surface agent should not be sanded.


Technical Performance

Better than the standard JG/T 210-2018 of Primer for Interior and Exterior Walls of Buildings

"Limits of Hazardous Substances in Wall Coatings for Buildings" Standard (GB 18582-2020)

"Construction Materials Radionuclide Limits" Class A Standard (GB 6566-2010)


Health and Safety

§ Please take appropriate skin and eye protection measures. Once in contact with the skin, rinse with clean water. In case of contact with the eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention.

§ This product should be stored out of the reach of children.

§ Do not swallow.



§ The construction temperature should be between 5-35℃. Before construction, the humidity of the wall is <10%RH and pH <10. Do not handle and construct on the wet base, and avoid construction outdoors in rainy days.

§ It is strictly forbidden to mix with other brands of adhesives, and avoid missing brushes when using.

§ This product is not suitable for severely loose and damaged base layers, otherwise, it should be thoroughly cleaned and then rolled and brushed.

§ Store in an airtight container. When the package is opened or damaged, it should be sealed immediately. If you find that the glue has deteriorated during use, you should stop using it and contact our company.

§ See the product qualification certificate for the shelf life. After the shelf life, the glue can still be used as long as it has not deteriorated.

§ This product is stored in an environment with a temperature of 5-25℃, a humidity of 50-60%RH, and no direct sunlight; the shipment shall be handled as non-dangerous goods.

§ When using with other products, please refer to the relevant instructions and the "Bluestar Corundum Base System Construction Guide".

§ Due to differences in use environment, construction habits, and grassroots conditions, the performance may not conform to the design. Please reconfirm the product quality before use, conduct necessary application tests, and use the supporting products of Blue Star Corundum Base System. In the case that the product itself complies with the relevant quality standards, the difference in performance after construction and the quality and safety problems caused by the mismatch of the product system do not belong to the scope of quality assurance of this product.

The right of product explanation belongs to the Technical Department of Sichuan Jinjiang Industrial Co., Ltd.

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