Bamboo tough Paper-free joint compound

Bamboo tough Paper-free joint compound

Blue Star Corundum "Bamboo Tough" paper-free jointing paste is a one-component strong and tough bionic anti-mildew jointing agent, which is made of natural plant glue and polymer resin imported from Germany. bamboo
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Bamboo tough Paper-free joint compound product instruction manual


Product Introduction

Blue Star Corundum "Bamboo Tough" paper-free jointing paste is a one-component strong and tough bionic anti-mildew jointing agent, which is made of natural plant glue and polymer resin imported from Germany. Bamboo, the joint strength is higher than that of seamless gypsum board, and it is a perfect replacement for joint paper tape or joint mesh tape. Blue Star Corundum "Bamboo Tough" paper-free seam paste, as a single seam system, is more stable than seam tape or seam mesh tape, and overcomes the problem of gradual cracking of the seam tape pasting system over time. ! Ready to use after opening, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance, universal for interior and exterior walls. Health and environmental protection, no harmful substances have been detected or nearly undetected.


Construction Method

§ Clean the gap, make sure that the gap and the sides are clean and dry, and there are no loose objects and dust.

§ Treat the joints of gypsum boards, wood boards, etc. into a wedge shape, and use a fine-bristle brush to saturate the blue star corundum "interface agent surface solidification enhanced type (not diluted)" to brush through all the surfaces of the wedge-shaped gap and the gypsum board paper surfaces on both sides of the gap ( or other surfaces) each 50mm wide.

§ After the interface agent is dry, pour Blue Star Corundum "Bamboo Tough" paper-free joint paste into the gap, and then use the "Bamboo Tough" paper-free joint paste to scrape the gap and the gypsum board paper surfaces on both sides after filling the gap. (or other surfaces) each 50mm wide to make a 100mm wide and 1mm thick "bamboo tough seam tape".

§ Do not touch the "bamboo tough seam tape" before curing, let it stand for 3-5 hours and start to dry, and it can be completely cured the next day. The curing time will be gradually prolonged (especially if the thickness of the batch increases, the temperature decreases or the ventilation is poor). is winter).

§ After the "bamboo tenacity joint tape" is completely dry, the next construction procedure can be entered.


Scope of Application

Blue Star Corundum "Bamboo Tenacity" paper-free joint paste is suitable for the joints of various sturdy boards and the caulking of cracked walls. Xinggangyu's unique bionic technology is resistant to both alkali and acid. The joints will not be corroded and powdered due to contact with acid and alkali, and it can resist acid rain erosion when constructed outdoors.


Technical Performance

Better than "Construction Putty" standard (Q/20696794-6.01-2023) R-level (flexible acid-resistant type) for interior walls

"Limits of Hazardous Substances in Building Wall Coatings" (GB18582-2020)

Class A Standard of "Limits of Radionuclides in Building Materials" (GB6566-2010)



§ The construction temperature is above 5°C.

§ The construction surface should be firm and dry, and rain and fog erosion should be prevented before it is completely cured.

§ After the package is opened, it should be used up as soon as possible, and the remaining material should not be exposed to the air. It must be sealed and stored immediately when it is stopped.

§ Construction tools should be cleaned immediately after use, so as not to increase the difficulty of cleaning after the product is cured.

§ Pay attention to handling with care when shipping and using, and prevent the hook from being squeezed.

§ If you find that the product has peculiar smell, discoloration, mildew, or construction obstacles or any abnormality, you should stop using it and call the hotline 400-660-0005 immediately!

§ See the product certificate for storage time. After the storage period, as long as the product has no peculiar smell and can be scratched freely, it can still be used.

§ This product is shipped as non-hazardous. Store in an environment with a temperature of 5-25°C, a humidity of 50-60%RH, and no direct sunlight.

§ This product can be used together with other Blue Star Corundum products, please refer to our company's related product instruction manual (website product display column) and "Bluestar corundum base surface system product portfolio" (website technical support column).

§ Due to differences in use environment, construction habits, and grassroots conditions, the performance may not conform to the design. Please reconfirm the quality of the product before use, and conduct necessary application tests. It is not recommended to use it with other manufacturers' base surface treatment products. In the case that the product itself complies with the relevant quality standards, the difference in performance after construction and the quality and safety problems caused by the mismatch of the product system do not belong to the scope of quality assurance of this product.

The product interpretation right belongs to the Technical Department of Sichuan Jinjiang Industrial Co., Ltd.




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